Sunday, October 23, 2016

Miniso vs Copic markers with Inktober


It's almost the end of October but there's a challenge that is still hip and happening in social media land called hashtag Inktober, woo! Basically you suppose to draw something entirely with ink every day of October. Which in my case I have amazingly failed this challenge because I've only come up with 4 drawings in total. Sigh. Blame time, work and well I'll be honest: laziness too. I hope you like my 4 quick Inktober doodles though.

If there's something that Inktober taught me is that the color black is not a scary color (is black even a color?) but a bold color that gives drawings a nice pop. I should try to incorporate black more often in my sketches.

Futhermore, the MINISO versus Copic markers. When I was in HK, I've discovered an amazing lifestyle brand called 'MINISO' and it's a budget brand too! They sell similar looking Copic markers but cheaper. In this post I'd like to give you my thoughts and my first use experience between these two brands.  

Oktober is bijna weer ten einde maar er is een challenge dat nog steeds gaande is in de social media genaamd de 'Inktober' challenge. Met hashtag uiteraard. In deze challenge gaat 't erom dat je iedere dag van oktober een tekening/krabbel maakt van inkt. Wat bij mij al sinds dag 1 finaal mislukt is. Ik heb 4 tekeningen namelijk. Ach ja. Ik schuif de schuld toe naar werk, tijd en vooruit, luiheid van mezelf. Ik hoop dat je mijn 4 tekeningen tof vinden!

Als ik iets van dit Inktober heb geleerd, is dat de kleur zwart (is zwart überhaubt een kleur?) helemaal geen enge kleur is, maar juist een krachtige kleur is die tekeningen een knal geven. Ik moet dus proberen meer zwart in mijn tekeningen te gebruiken.  

Tot slot, de MINISO versus Copic markers. In HK heb ik een toffe lijfstijl winkel ontdekt genaamd 'MINISO' en het is ook nog eens een budgetwinkel! Ze verkopen o.a. deze gelijksoortige Copic markers maar dan goedkoper. In deze post laat ik dus mijn mening en eerste indruk achter over deze twee markers.

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voor Nederlandse
5 minutes doodles for Inktober
Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month -

And as usual I`m very very behind with trends and - sigh - I only came up with 4 drawings for Inktober 2016 and I have used Copic and Miniso markers for it. This is where I`ll be reviewing the differences between these 2 markers down below:
Miniso vs Copic
Miniso Aquarelle Brush
Price: 3 for HK$15
Colors: 18
Double heads: yes
Brush tip: yes
Fine tip: yes
Calligraphy tip: no
Refillable: no
Brand origin: Japan(made in P.R.C)
 Copic Ciao
Price: 1 for €3 up to €4
Colors: 180
Double heads: yes
Brush tip: yes
Fine tip: no
Calligraphy tip: yes
Refillable: no
Brand origin: Japan
My experience
Miniso Aquarelle

- The Miniso Aquarelle brushes does have vibrant colors, although the darker color ones only because the light version is very very soft.
- The brush tip of the Miniso Aquarelle is better off for quick sketch concept use and writing rather than for serious sketch and art pieces in my opinion. The reason: the brush tip is quite hard and it does not give that dreamy watercolor effect.
- No matter how light or hard I press the brush tip on paper, it does not change the opacity or the amount of color on paper hence you can`t really create that water color effect.
- Miniso also has other marker series called `Color Marker` which is a double headed marker with a fine and calligraphy ends.
- Unlike Copic, Miniso Aquarelle brushes does not have color names or numbers which is a bit bummer if you ask me.

Copic Ciao

- Copic Ciao has very pigmented inkt.
- The brush tip of Copic Ciao is a lot softer and finer and does give that watercolor effect.
- Copic Ciao is somehow wetter than Miniso Aquarelle, so when you work with Copics make sure you have something underneath your paper unless it`s thick paper like watercolor papers.
- Copic Ciao is one of the series that Copic has and it`s cheaper than the `Original` for example but it also contains less ink. - The colors of Copic Ciao blend better with other colors. Miniso on the otherhand does it ok/fair.
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Friday, October 21, 2016

A zen place called Nan Lian Garden


When you go to Hong Kong you should also see some tempels too! They are quite stunning and Hong Kong has a lot of them. I think the biggest and well known tempel attraction that Hong Kong has is the Big Buddha which is obviously stunning, but I think its also worth paying a visit to the other tempels and monasteries too.

Like the Chi Lin Nunnery that covers a large area of 3,5 hectares between all the apartments and tall buildings of Diamond Hill town. It's like Central Park in NY basically. I have to say that Chi Lin Nunnery is twice as neater and cleaner than Big Buddha with less tourists too which is always a plus in my travelbook. To reach Chi Lin Nunnery you have to walk through Nan Lian garden first which was very zen! 

Wanneer je in Hong Kong ben, moet je absoluut enkele tempels bezoeken. Ze zijn best indrukwekkend en Hong Kong heeft er veel van. Ik denk dat de meest bekende tempel attractie dat Hong Kong heeft is de Grote Boeddha wat natuurlijk erg prestigieus is, maar het is ook de moeite waard is om andere tempels en kloosters te bezoeken.

Wat dacht je van de Chi Lin Klooster dat uit 3,5 hectare grond bestaat en die tussen hoge gebouwen en appartementen van Diamond Hill bevindt. Net Central Park in NY eigenlijk. Ik moet zeggen dat Chi Lin Klooster tweemaal netter en schoner is dan Grote Boeddha met minder toeristen en dat is natuurlijk altijd fijn. Om Chi Lin Klooster te bereiken ga je eerst door de Nan Lian tuin, wat mij een zen gevoel gaf!

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voor Nederlandse

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden (南蓮園池) - Diamond Hill - Hong Kong

The Nan Ling Garden is a public garden and free from charge (yay!). The garden is designed in `Tang dynasty` style with lots of green, temples, bridges and everything else to make this garden amazingly scenic leaving nature loving people like me a zen feel behind.
Too bad the bridge was closed. I would have love to check this temple out from a closer distant.
It was extremely hot, sunny and always humid in Hong Kong that day. Even the rocks needed to cool down by water sprinklers/mist which looks pretty cool too.
Chi Lin Nunnery
Chi Lin Nunnery - Diamond Hill - Hong Kong 

Inside the Nan Ling garden was the Chi Lin Nunnery which was actually our main purpose to go to this garden in the first place. One of my aunt is Buddhist and she wanted to pay her respect and prayers to her Gods inside the Chi Lin Nunnery. And of course I did as well, not that I am a Buddhist.

The Nan Ling garden holds now and then exhibitions of art, culture matters etc. and apparently there is also a teahouse and a vegetarian restaurant which we didn`t go that day.
Impressive wood work!
So inside the main temple of this nunnery lies the many Buddhistic and Hindu Gods statues displaying in full glory and it`s quite remarkable and stunning. Unfortunately no cameras and photo shoots were allowed inside and I respect that
of course.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yarnfood: Rainbow doughnuts


Doughnuts, who does not love them! Lately I have been crocheting them again these fun fake foods. Extra fun was with my newest favorite yarn that I got from my favorite budget shop Daiso and its called 'Lace Yarn' and comes in different colors and I absolutely love love love this serie! You might have seen my little haul from my IG here. These lace yarn has such a soft and fine feel to it and it works great with my 2-2.5 mm hooks, and the outcome on my (rainbow) doughnuts are utterly cute! I wonder what a rainbow doughnut would taste like? Sugary? Sure. Dreamy? Sure!


Donuts, ik ben er gek op en de meeste van ons ook, toch? De laatste tijd ging ik weer deze lekkers haken en daarbij heb ik met een van mijn nieuwste favoriete garen gebruikt genaamd: Lace Yarn van Daiso. Jep, mijn favoriete budgetwinkel ook nog eens! Lace Yarn is een ontzettende fijne dunne garen die zijdezacht aanvoelt en komt in verschillende kleuren. Wellicht heb je mijn Lace yarn aankoopjes op mijn IG zien voorbij komen, want ik ben fan! Ze werken ook fijn op mijn 2-2.5 mm haakpennen en de uitkomst op mijn (regenboog) donut zijn zo schattig! Ik ben blij! Hoe zouden ze smaken deze regenboog donuts? Zoet? Vast wel. Dromerig? Jazeker! 

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voor Nederlandse
Crochet info
Daiso Lace Yarn Multicolor #15 `carnival`
Scheepjes `Larra` #7419
Pingouin Esterel `yellow`

Amigurumi style

2.5 mm hook and a 3.0 mm hook
pair of scissors
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