Friday, August 18, 2017

I was in Little Vietnam | Little V


Awhile back I was in Vietnam! Or, well, not really in the country Vietnam unfortunate but this restaurant where I was at called Little V did give me enough vibe and my head enough imagination for me to be in Vietnam.  The food and the spectacular interior is gorgeous! I did a little blogpost about Little V before, right here.

In today's blogpost will consist of more details.
I think it is safe to say that Little V is the current holder of my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in The Netherlands.

Please join me and check out my time at Little V below.  

Een tijdje terug was ik in Vietnam. Nou ja, niet echt-echt in het land Vietnam helaas, maar wel in een Vietnamees restaurant genaamd Little V. Als je het interieur en het eten zie, dan snap je vast wel met wat ik bedoel en voel. Dan is het alsof je echt door Vietnam waan! Eerder had ik een mini blogpost over gedaan.

De blogpost van vandaag zal ik dieper op ingaan over Little V. Little V spant voor nu de kroon als mijn favoriete Vietnamese restaurant. Ze hebben twee vestigingen in Nederland namelijk in Rotterdam en Den Haag.

Lees mijn tijd bij Little V hieronder!

Lets eat outside!
Bold, tangy and colorful this is how my Vietnamese meal should taste like. With my favorite vinegar dippings of course.

My brother ordered:
Bún riêu LITTLE V noodle soup and green tea

The sister ordered:
Street style lunch box and Vietnamese coffee
Still on my wishlist: this coffee dripper but until then, I solemnly drink my favorite Vietnamese beverage at my favorite V place.

Bún riêu LITTLE V

My little brother K. enjoyed this dish and succeeded in handeling the fiery spiciness! The bowl was huge and richly filled with Vietnamese pork pie, crab balls, shrimps and vermicelli in crab broth. I took a nip of the broth and it was full of flavor and super yum!

Street Style Lunchbox
A Vietnamese lunch, served in 4 Vietnamese metal lunchboxes with 4 different surprise dishes inside as it was mentioned on the menu. I was so so excited to order and eat this! Since it was all `surprise` dishes I requested to one of the services to make it veggie/pescotarianfriendly as I don`t eat meat. That was no problem at all!

The 4 surprise dishes: 2 shrimp deep fried springrolls, 1 steamed Vietnamese springroll cut in half, a cold noodle salad with mini springrolls, greens and herbs and lastly another cold rice noodle salad with shrimp and prawn crackers. I enjoyed them all with the dipping and sauces!
I went down with these two badboys first since they were deep fried. Secondly I went for the cold noodle salad with the prawn crackers because I don`t eat soggy prawn crackers.
Sharing with my bro.

Then there was Tinder
Ah bonus material! Some time ago, also at Little V. My Tinder date mentioned that he was a huge coffee drinker and the first thing I thought was: Vietnamese coffee. Which my Tinder date never had before and so I grabbed this opportunity, offered myself and turned it into a Vietnamese-coffee date. Turns out it became more than just a coffee date and got expanded with other foods and even another date!
Rethinking this made me awkward-giggle all over again but for now I`ll just stop with this coffee date. Big sigh.
We shared desserts together! Go me. He got the triple chocolate mousse while I got the cheesecake with mango curd. With a huge glass of ice tea which I forgot what flavor it was again but altogether I`ve enjoyed every sip and crumb of it.
ADDRESS: Grotekerkplein 1093011 GC Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5
PRICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY: Wool & Yarn Storage Wall


Where do I like to spend my money mostly on? On food obviously and secondly, yarn. Glossy 100% mercerized cotton preferable!
In over the past years I have quite some collection of yarn and wool at home. I store them in laundry hampers (here) and baskets but they are overflowing and my yarn and wool desperately need a new place for storage.

I could buy a cabinet to store all my yarn and wool but I can also DIY one. Oh yes! And I didn't need any big construction materials at all. Here's my little creation of yarn and wool storage wall!

Time for a little DIY! It's been awhile. 

Waar gaat mijn geld het meest naar toe? Ongetwijfeld naar eten en op de tweede plaats, garen. Glanzend 100% gemerceriseerd katoen als voorkeur! En ik heb al vrij veel in huis en berg ze op in was- en rietenmanden (hier). Eigenlijk overal in huis vind je sporen van wol en garen en deze moeten broodnodig weer geïntegreerd worden in nieuw opslagplaats.

Een kast kopen als opslagplaats zou een oplossing zijn. Je kan er ook eentje DIY'en. Jawel! En je hebt niet eens zwaar constructie materiaal nodig. Hier beneden laat ik je zien hoe ik mijn berging voor wol en garen maak.

Tijd voor een stevig DIY! 

de cursor over de tekst
voor Nederlandse
A new home
No more overfilled cramped up baskets and laundry hamper. No more long lost searching. No more mixed up colors. Hello new storage home!
Where does my money mostly go to? Food. And yarn. And believe me this pile here is a fortune!
Wat do you need:
a pegboard // pegboard(shop) hooks // felt sheets (75x50x0,3 cm) // a pencil // a pair of scissors // embroidery thread + needle // a drilling machine + screws // any desired paint and decors to pretty up the pegboard (optional)
Inspired by
rainy days
My favorite days for all my yarn work and projects actually with a big mug of coffee/tea and movies and tv-shows. That`s how I want my yarn storage wall to look like, a wall of rain drops that carries my precious yarn and wool.
I picked a grey color felt because it`s neutral, easy to spot my colorful yarns and usually rainy days are grey am I right?
Here`s how you make these rain drop felt basket!
1. Fold the felt in double lengthwise, trace this folding line down with an pencil for extra guidelines and cut it in half with scissors.
Now you have two pieces of felt.
Attachment is not by glue
But with an easy stitching technique called the `blanket stitch`!
2. To create the raindrop basketsvyou`re going to attach both ends of the the felt patches to each other by blanket stitching. Again a really easy stitch yet stylish stitch too. So how much yarn do you need? Just wrap the yarn 2x around in widthwise around the felt, that you way you know you have enough yarn to work with.

3. Start by threading the yarn through the needle and send the needle on the inside of the felt and poke your needle through the felt and bring it back and put your needle back, but now through both felt sides through the same hole. Hurray the first stitch and attachment is made! On to the next stitch which is basically a repeat.
4. The distance between the first and the second stitch and the rest of course is up to you but preferable 1 cm to 2 cm should be fine. For the next stitch you`re going to bring the needle behind again and poke the needle through (both) felts and pull the needle through until the thread leaves a loop. Bring the needle through the loop (see b and c) from front to back before gently pulling it tight. Then repeat this step to the end!
Painting time!
Of course it`s totally fine to leave your pegboard raw and just the way it is but if you want to fancy it up like I did, then go ahead! Be free!

(make sure you have cover the floor/table with newspaper to avoid staining if you go painting)
Not entirely white (because paint ran out) but it`s pretty nice still.

The hanging part with the drilling machine. *gulp*.
Now this part is quite daunting since I am unfamiliar with a drilling machine so I drilled up my dad to do this part for me.
Dad did a wonderful job!
Almost done just attach the hooks into the holes. You can buy them at a hardware store or online like eBay. I got mine for free by the way! I went to a local hardware store but they don`t sell these shophooks normally. Instead they gave me 10 for free from their own store just to help me out! Super duper kind and my day was made
Coloring time!
With yarns and a bit touches of house decorating too. As you can see I went with a rainbow theme. Each rainbow color in the raindrops. Kind of poetic in someway.
This here is my little storage corner with all my craft essentials and I`m super happy with it. It just looks so organized! At least in my eyes.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Walkies with me in France | VLOG